Citizen Mutual fund NAV increases by 7.33 percent; see the preferred sectors of investment

May 23, 2019 | Investopaper

CBIL Capital has published the monthly report of Baisakh of Citizen Mutual Fund-1 (CMF1). As per the report, the per unit Net Asset Value (NAV) has increased to Rs.11.57  until Baisakh 2076, up from Rs. 10.78 in the previous month. The profit has jumped to 11.10 crore which was 4.61 crore till Chaitra. CMF1 has invested Rs. 67.50 crores in the listed securities until the end of Baisakh. The investment in fixed deposit remains at Rs. 8 crores while the bank balance is Rs. 13.92 crores.

The investment in listed securities is divided into different sectors. The table below shows how much the portfolio of CMF1 is diversified. About 40.06 percent of the funds is occupied by the stocks of banks. See the table below and decide whether the portfolio of Citizen mutual fund is well balanced or not. Feel free to comment and share your views.

S.N Sectors Investment Amount (‘Rs.’)
Percent of Total Investment
1 Banks 27.04 crores 40.06
2 Development Banks 1.95 crores 2.89
3 Finance 33.21 lakhs 0.49
4 Hotels 44.33 lakhs 0.65
5 Microfinance 8.37 crores 12.4
6 Life Insurance 7.10 crores 10.52
7 Non-life insurance 5.32 crores 7.88
8 Hydropower 3.76 crores 5.57
9 Mutual Fund schemes 2.11 crores 3.12
10 Bonds and debentures 8 crores 11.85
11 Others 2.93 crores 4.34
TOTAL 67.50 crores


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