Dalle Restaurant Serving Emergency Workers Amidst Lockdown

April 8, 2020 | Investopaper

The whole country is under a lockdown amidst fears of COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the restaurants and eateries in the city are closed.

But there is a restaurant in town, Dalle Restaurant, that is serving food to essential services workers who have to report to work even in such situation. The restaurant has been providing free lunch to nearly 280 employees working in the essential services on a daily basis.

Restaurant proprietor Alok Yonjan said they have been feeding 180 police personnel, 60 doctors at COVID-19 Treatment Centre and medical technicians at the national pathology lab at the Shukraraj Tropical Hospital Teku. It also serves food to 12 doctors assigned at the toll-free call centre set up by the government to provide information on COVID-19 related issues and the drivers of 25 ambulances.

Yonjan said they have been serving food to the emergency workers thinking that one should do whatever was possible from respective place during this time of crisis rather than sitting back home. He said initially they had planned to serve food to the emergency sector workers for one week but then decided to open the restaurant as part of their social responsibility throughout the lockdown period.

Besides security personnel and doctors, Dalle Restaurant has also been providing free lunch to the needy people. Dalle has nine outlets so far. The restaurant had fed the needy during the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake as well.


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