Distribution Of Paddy Seeds To Farmers As A Subsidy

May 8,2020 | Investopaper

Distribution of 500 metric tons of paddy seeds has been started to the farmers of Kailali-Kanchanpur with 50 percent subsidy. The Agriculture Knowledge Center, Kanchanpur, has made arrangements for the distribution of paddy seeds to facilitate the farmers as the time for planting paddy seeds is approaching.

Ram Chandra Bhatta, acting head of the Agriculture Knowledge Center, Kanchanpur, said that arrangements have been made for the purchase and distribution of paddy seeds by giving orders to 20 local level cooperatives and groups in both the districts. “The cooperative group will be paid for the purchase and transportation of paddy seeds on the basis of the bill,” he said. “The cooperative group is working on the purchase and distribution of seeds.”

He stated that the distribution of seeds is being done through cooperatives and groups to provide door-to-door service to the farmers during the shutdown. Paddy seeds of Sarju 52, Radha-4, Sawa Mansuli, Savitri, Radha-14, Bahuguni and other varieties have been selected and distributed to the farmers. Seeds suitable for soil and high yielding rice varieties have been recommended and sent for distribution.

Budget has been mobilized to distribute paddy seeds at the rate of 250 quintals on equal basis to each municipality (local level). A budget of Rs. 10 million has been received from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Far Western Province for the purchase of seeds under the demand-based program. The distributed seeds will be used for paddy cultivation in an area of ​​10,000 hectares, said Bhatta. From which more than 10 thousand farmers will benefit.


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