Dividend History Of Sanima Mai Hydropower Company (SHPC)

September 6, 2022 | Investopaper

Sanima Mai Hydropower Company Limited (SHPC) was established in 2008. The company currently owns and operates two hydropower projects- Mai Hydropower Project (22 MW) and Mai Cascade Hydropower Project (7 MW). Mai Hydropower Project started generating electricity on 26th February 2015 while Mai Cascade Hydropower Project began commercial operation from 12th February 2016.

Apart from these two projects, SHPC has made investments in other hydropower companies such as Swetganga Hydropower Limited (28.1 MW Lower Likhu HEP), Sanima Middle Tamor Hydropower Limited (73 MW Middle Tamor HEP), Upper Mailung Khola Hydropower Limited (14.3 MW Upper Mailung Khola HEP), and Tamor Sanima Energy Pvt. Limited (285 MW Upper Tamor HEP).

Since the two operational projects have started generating electricity, Sanima Mai Hydropower has distributed consistent dividends to the shareholders. The table below presents the dividend history of SHPC.

Dividend History Of Sanima Mai Hydropower Company (SHPC)

Fiscal Year Fiscal Year Cash Dividend (%) Bonus Dividend (%) Total Dividend (%)
2015/16 2072/73 0 0 0
2016/17 2073/74 0 0 0
2017/18 2074/75 5 10 15
2018/19 2075/76 0.53 10 10.53
2019/20 2076/77 5 10 15
2020/21 2077/78 0.53 10 10.53
2021/22 2078/79 5.2632 0 5.2632

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