Gurans Life Insurance Bonus Rate


Gurans Life Insurance received the license to operate life insurance business on Chaitra 18, 2064. It is promoted by Dugar Group and Sunrise Bank  along with group of diverse and renowned businessmen and professionals.

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Gurans Life Insurance Bonus Rate

Gurans Life Insurance has introduced a new bonus share to its policy holders. As per the actuary valuation of the fiscal year 2074/75, the life insurance will provide the bonus rate ranging from Rs 47 to Rs 87 per thousand.

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The notice below shows the new bonus rate of Gurans Life Insurance:

Products Offered By Gurans Life Insurance

1. Gurans Savadhik Jeevan Beema Yojana (Gurans Endowment with Profit Policy)

2. Gurans Agrim Bhuktani (Gurans Money Back Endowment with Profit Policy)

3. Gurans Jeevan Shree Beema Yojana (Gurans Endowment with Whole Life Policy)

4. Gurans Bal Surakhsya Jeevan Bima Yojana (Child Endowment with Profits)/Gurans Naulo Bal Surakshya

5. Gurans Sanjeevani Agrim Bhuktani Jeevan Bima Yojana (Gurans Sanjeevani Pre-payment Insurance Policy)

6. Gurans Jeevan Rakshyak(Limited Payment Endowment With Profits)

7. Gurans Foreign Employment Policy

8. Gurans Annual Cash Back Life Insurance Policy

9. Gurans Surakshit Bhavisya Jiwan Bima Yojana



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  • January 24, 2021 at 2:08 pm

    is this a good company to buy a policy. how is this company interms of solvency ratio, claim settlement ratio, premium collection ratio? thanking you


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