Hetauda Cement Industry Slashes Price of ‘Shakti’ Cement to Rs. 649.75

August 29, 2023 | Investopaper

Hetauda Cement Industry Limited, a government-owned enterprise, has reduced the price of its cement. Confronted with the formidable competition posed by privately held cement manufacturers, the industry has taken a proactive approach by opting to lower its cement prices, aiming to maintain its position in the market.

Effective from Sunday, the industry introduced a revised pricing structure, resulting in a noteworthy reduction to Rs. 649.75  for each 50 kg bag of cement. Consequently, the industry’s revenue projection per cement bag has now been recalibrated to Rs. 564 , with the remainder of the transaction value being designated as taxes payable to the government.

It’s worth noting that prior to this price adjustment, the factory price for Hetauda Cement Industry’s cement products was established at Rs. 701.73 per bag. The industry has earned recognition for its dedication to producing high-quality Shakti brand cement, which has garnered trust and credibility among consumers.

In a broader context, despite boasting a commendable cement production capacity of 2.6 million tons on an annual basis, the industry has recently encountered multifaceted challenges. This includes grappling with financial constraints and navigating a downturn in production volume. Having been established on Ashwin 13, 2033, the industry embarked on its production journey during the fiscal year 2042/43.


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