Internet Access Reaches 84 Percent Population

April 4, 2021 | Investopaper

Internet access in Nepal has reached to 2.54 crores people. According to the data released by the Nepal Telecommunication Authority for the first seven months of the current fiscal year, 683,000 more users have been added in Magh. A total of 2.47 people had access to internet service until Poush.

According to the statistics, 84 percent of the total population has access to internet service. NTA has assumed the total population of Nepal at 2.98 crores.

Mobile internet has the highest share in providing the internet service. As of Magh, the share of mobile internet is 61.47 percent. 3G internet users has reached more than 1.13 crores people. Nepal Telecom has the highest number of 3G  users with 86.60 lakh. Likewise, Ncell has 24.916 lakh 3G users.

Similarly, there are 70.92 lakh 4G users. Most of the 4G users are of Ncell. Ncell has 43.25 lakh 4G users while Nepal Telecom has 25.44 lakh 4G users. Likewise, Smart Telecom has 2.22 lakh 4G users.

Similarly, the share of fixed broadband is 21.85 percent. 8.37 lakh people are users of ADSL and 58.68 lakh people use FTTH Internet.



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