Jyoti Bikas Bank provides support to Tilganga Eye Hospital

February 6, 2020 | Investopaper

Jyoti Bikas Bank has provided support for eye-related research to Tilganga Eye Hospital. The bank has provided financial support worth Rs. 10 lakh to the research department under Tilganga Eye Academy of the hospital conducting ‘ Jiri Eye Study’ from the ‘Hamro Prabardhan Kosh’ established for the purpose of corporate social responsibility.

The CEO of Jyoti Bikas Bank and the COO of the Tilganga Eye Academy signed an agreement for the co-operation of the same work. Jyoti Bikas Bank has provided financial support to the research department under Tilganga Eye Academy which has been conducting research on the Jirel community’s eye through genetic research. The study that has started in 2014 also studies the changes in the format of eye diseases over time.

In order to provide an effective contribution to society, the bank has established ‘Hamro Prabardhan Kosh’ through which it has been co-operating on social works and it is committed to providing a social contribution to these types of programs in the coming days too.

Currently, Jyoti Bikas Bank is operating with 102 branches, 1 extension counter, and 48 ATMs. The bank plans to add more branches within this fiscal year. Until the current period, the bank has collected more than Rs. 34 Arba in deposits from its 2.60 lakh accounts. Likewise, the total lending of the bank stands at more than Rs. 28 Arba to 20,000 borrowers.


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