Micro Hydropower To Be Connected In The National Transmission Line

November 3, 2020 | Investopaper

The government has implemented a plan to connect the electricity of small and micro hydropower projects to the national transmission line. The work is being started from Jumla in Karnali province. The Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation had made such a program to prevent the crisis in the existence of small and micro hydropower projects built at the local level while the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) was expanding the power distribution line.

Such projects have been built in various rural areas of the country with the investment of the local community and the government in case the central transmission line cannot be reached. According to the Center for Alternative Energy Promotion, there are about 2,000 such micro and small hydropower projects with a total capacity of 32 MW across the country.

The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), which has been given the responsibility of constructing and operating an alternative energy promotion center and transmission line for the implementation of the government’s plan, has already reached a formal agreement in the first week of Karthik for study and technical development. The study and technology development work will be done by NEA Engineering owned by NEA.

Work has already started to connect small and micro hydropower to the mini grid. NEA Engineering will study the construction of grid network of all small and micro hydropower projects across the country. In the first phase, the company will study the geographical location of the project and the feasibility of constructing a grid using GIS technology.


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