Net Profit of 14 Life Insurance Companies Surges by 43 Percent

May 14, 2024 | Investopaper

Profit is the major indicator for any business operation. Higher profitability is associated with the success of the business venture. Net Profit is the income available for the distribution to the shareholders after deducting all the operating expenses along with taxes. Hence, it is essential that the company generates decent profit in order to provide an adequate return on investment to the shareholders.

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As of Chaitra’s end 2080 BS, there are 14 life insurance companies operating in Nepal. These life insurance companies have reported a total profit of Rs 491.81 crores in the nine months of the current fiscal year 2080/81. This is 43 percent higher as compared to the same period of the previous fiscal year. In the first nine months of the fiscal year 2079/80, they had generated a total profit of Rs 343.2 crores.

Asian Life Insurance Company Limited (ALICL) is at the number one spot in terms of profit with Rs 69.11 crores. It is followed by Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited (NLIC) and Sun Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited (SNLI) with a profit of Rs 60.03 crores and Rs 49.36 crores respectively. On the other hand,  Rastriya Jeevan Beema Company Limited has the lowest profit of Rs 2.45 crores.

The table below presents the net profit generated by the life insurance companies of Nepal.

Net Profit Of Life Insurance Companies In Nepal (FY 2080/81)

Net Profit (Rs. In Crores)

S.N Life Insurance Companies In Nepal Q3, FY 2080/81 Q3, FY 2079/80 Percent Change
1 Asian Life Insurance Co. Ltd. 69.11 19.47 254.96
2 Nepal Life Insurance Co. Ltd. 60.03 49.12 22.21
3 Sun Nepal Life Insurance Co. Ltd. 49.36 44.45 11.05
4 Himalayan Life Insurance Ltd. 43.54 47.32 -7.99
5 National Life Insurance Co. Ltd. 38.83 29.8 30.30
6 Reliable Nepal Life Insurance Co. Ltd. 34.02 28.57 19.08
7 IME Life Insurance Co. Ltd. 33.15 18.86 75.77
8 Sanima Reliance Life Insurance Ltd. 30.48 15.59 95.51
9 Surya Jyoti Life Insurance Co. Ltd. 29.54 22.06 33.91
10 Citizen Life Insurance Co. Ltd. 28.13 15.01 87.41
11 Met Life ALICO Co. Ltd. 27.04 21.34 26.71
12 Prabhu Mahalaxmi Life Insurance Ltd. 26.89 19.38 38.75
13 LIC Nepal Ltd. 19.24 10.97 75.39
14 Rastriya Jeevan Beema Company Ltd. 2.45 1.26 94.44
Total 491.81 343.2 43.30

Source: Unaudited Q3 Report, FY 2080/81

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