NTA Issues Regulations To Shutdown Any Website

July 19, 2020 | Investopaper

The government can shut down any website at any time.  Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) has issued regulations with legal provisions to allow it to shut down any website. Earlier, the government instructed internet service providers to shut down pornographic websites.

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The regulation 2077 on the operation of internet (including email) by NTA with the approval of the board of directors stipulates that the government and NTA could shut down the desired website. Sub-rule 3 of Rule 10.5 of the regulations states, “Websites directed by the Government of Nepal or NTA to shut down should be closed immediately.”

The government has long tried to move forward with the filtering of Internet content through NTA, but was stopped for lack of jurisdiction.

Similarly, there is a provision in the regulation that if the internet service provider does not repair within 24 hours of service interruption, the service fee for the period that cannot be repaired should be waived. There is also a provision that the cost of operating the blocked service should be borne by the company itself. Internet service providers are now charging half of the internet fee for maintenance.

If the service is interrupted due to any reason other than the customer’s, the service provider will have to extend the interrupted period due to the inconvenience caused to the concerned customer. Such a provision should be mentioned in the agreement between the internet service provider and the customer. The Internet service provider must notify the customer three days in advance if the service is interrupted due to technical reasons or maintenance.



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