Physical Progess Of Upper Tamakoshi Project 99.5 Percent Complete

June 22, 2020 | Investopaper

The physical progress of the Upper Tamakoshi project with a total capacity of 456 MW has reached 99.5 percent at present. Construction of transmission line and work of substation has reached the stage of completion. Although the construction of the transmission line with a total capacity of 220 KV has been completed, some work remains to be done in some of the multi-circuit towers, the project said. The government has stated that the Upper Tamakoshi and Melamchi drinking water projects will be completed in the first four months of next year.

The project of national pride has not only made significant progress in the construction of two vertical tunnels of Upper Tamakoshi, which is considered to be a complex, but has also reached the stage of completion. According to project spokesperson Dr Ganesh Neupane, only 22.5 meters of the total 683 meters long vertical tunnel remains. Pipe connection work was started in the vertical tunnel from last Ashar. Complex work is about to be completed in a year.

A total of 373 meters long vertical tunnel pipe connection has been completed. After the pipe connection is completed, the Austrian company assigns the additional work to the Indian company. As it takes at least five days to lay a pipe, the work of connecting the pipe in the vertical tunnel will be completed by next Friday.

The lower vertical tunnel was built by Austrian construction company Andrzej Hydro. Indian construction company Texmaco, who has not been able to show efficiency, has proved to be strong during the lockdown. As per the details received, out of the total 310 meter long vertical tunnel, pipe connection has been completed in 287.5 meters so far. Out of the remaining 22.5 meters, 20 meters will be completed by Friday. The remaining 2.5 meters will be connected to the horizontal pipe, so it will take some more time to connect.

The government has made special arrangements to take forward the projects of national pride. The last meeting of the Council of Ministers held on Baisakh 24 made special arrangements so that the Upper Tamakoshi and other projects could work during the lockdown.

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