Prime Minister’s Employment Program Receives Budget of Rs 11.60 Billion

May 29, 2020 | Investopaper

The government has allocated Rs 11.60 billion as the budget for the Prime Minister’s Employment Program in the Fiscal Year 2077/78 from the current Fiscal Year. Finance Minister Dr. Yuvaraj Khatiwada while presenting the budget of the Fiscal Year 2077/78 on Thursday informed that the program has been doubled as compared to the budget of the current Fiscal Year and Rs. 11.60 billion has been allocated. It is stated that the program will be expanded at the federal, state and local levels and labor-intensive programs will be conducted.

The government aims to create 200,000 more jobs this year. Rs 5 billion 10 million was allocated for the Prime Minister’s Employment Program in the current Fiscal Year.

Similarly, Finance Minister Dr. Khatiwada informed that the ‘Build Your Own Village Program’ has been maintained to address the loss of employment in the country and abroad. He also said that the people who lost their jobs due to Corona and returned from abroad will be provided employment program based on public participation and wages.


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