Shine Resunga reports 31.07% increase in net profit for Q3

April 24, 2019 | Investopaper

Shine Resunga Development Bank has published the 3rd quarter report of F.Y. 2075/76. The net profit has grown by 31.07% from the corresponding quarter of the previous year. In the 3rd quarter report of F. Y. 2075/76, the bank made a net profit of Rs. 31.09 crores.  Last year, the company’s profit stood at Rs. 23.72 crores in the 3rd quarter.

The company has paid up capital of Rs. 1.62 Arab, and reserve & surplus of Rs. 64.23 crore. The bank has a deposit collection of Rs. 16.98 Arab. The loans & advances stand at Rs. 15.29 Arab till the 3rd quarter. The net interest income has risen to Rs. 63.98 crores from Rs. 46.97 crores.

The non-performing loans stand at 0.19%. Also, the Earnings Per Share (EPS)  is Rs. 25.55 as of 3rd quarter 2075/76. LTP of the company stands at Rs. 232.

Shine Resunga Development Bank is going to acquire Purnima Bikas Bank. Both the regional banks have already signed a mutual agreement for the acquisition. After the acquisition, the company name will remain as Shine Resunga development bank.


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