Siddhartha Equity Fund invested 20% on Nepal Bank shares only

January 31, 2019 | Investopaper

Siddhartha Equity Fund has invested Rs. 61.24 crores in secondary shares till the end of Poush. Out of total investment made on shares, the mutual fund has made 20.26% investment on shares of Nepal Bank only. The fund has made the investment of Rs. 12.41 crores on Nepal bank shares.  The Fund purchased 417,880 units share of Nepal Bank till the end of Poush.

The equity fund has Net assets value of Rs. 1.61 Arab. The Net Asset Value (NAV) per unit stands at Rs. 10.75. The fund has Rs. 76 crores on bank deposits. Almost 41% out of total investment in shares has been made on the top 5 stock. Here is the list of top 5 holdings of Siddhartha Equity Fund.

                                                                 Siddhartha Equity Fund
S.N. Securities Sector Units Amount(‘Rs. crores’) % of total investment in securities
1 Nepal Bank Bank 417,880 12.41 20.26
2 NMB Bank Bank 177,064 5.75 9.39
3 Citizen Investment Trust Others 13,461 3.51 5.73
4 Nepal Telecom Others 410,58 3.04 4.96
5 Nepal Life Insurance Insurance 22,470 2.48 4.05
Total Investment in securities(‘Rs. crores’) 61.24
NAV Poush 10.75


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