Total Electricity Production in Nepal Reaches 2,837 MW

December 8, 2023 | Investopaper

As of the end of Ashwin, 2080 BS, the total commercial electricity production in Nepal has reached 2,836.93 megawatts, according to the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA). The private sector has contributed significantly, producing 1,697.49 megawatts, while NEA has developed projects with installed capacity of 661 megawatts, and subsidiary companies of NEA have generated 478.10 megawatts.

Until the last fiscal year 2079/80 [Ashad’s end 2080 BS], the total connected capacity stood at 2,684 megawatts. This comprised 661 megawatts from NEA projects, 478 megawatts from subsidiary companies of NEA, and 1,545 megawatts from the private sector.

In the three months of the current year, an additional 143.23 megawatts have been added to the national grid. Seven new hydropower projects have been connected to national transmission line.

52.46 MW Likhu 2 hydropower project,  10.3 MW Down Piluwa hydropower project, 40 MW Upper Chameliya hydropower project, 10.7 MW Upper Sanigad hydropower project, 14 MW Gharkhola hydropower project, 14.8 MW Upper Sanjen project and 0.97 MW Gaun Ghar Ujjyalo Small Hydropower Project have completed construction and commenced commercial electricity production from this fiscal year.


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