Uber and Nissan sign electric car deal in the UK

January 24, 2020 | Investopaper

Uber and Nissan have signed an agreement to introduce a fleet of electric car vehicles in the UK. The drivers in the UK will be offered a Nissan electric car at a discount price by Uber.

2000 units of Nissan leaf hatchbacks will be offered by Uber for the drivers using their app in the UK. The Nissan leaf that is on offer by Uber is among the best electric cars boosting sales over 4, 50,000.

The primary target of the new deal is those drivers working in London, although the deal is open all over the UK. Uber is all set to ensure that its vehicles are all electrical within 2025 in the UK capital as it further pushes to tackle air pollution.

The transport for London has stripped Uber of its license which has led to the possibility of being blocked in the UK’s capital. It is fighting the ban in the court.


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