US Coronavirus Cases Top 1.70 Million, Death Toll Approaches 100,000

May 26, 2020 | Investopaper

The confirmed coronavirus cases in US has surpassed 1.70 million. Until Monday, the total infected cases in US stood at 1,706,226, a rise of 19,790 from the previous day. 

With the widespread outbreak of coronavirus, the number of deaths globally has already crossed 3,47,600 as of Monday.

US is the most affected country with the virus outbreak. The total COVID-19 infected patients in US are almost 1,706,226, claiming a total deaths of 99,805. About 464,670 people have recovered from the virus infection while more than 11,41,700 active cases still prevail. Likewise, the number of patients in critical condition is 17,114.

The first death from the virus was reported on February 6 in US. 

US is on the top in the total cases as well as deaths. UK is second to deaths and has already suffered deaths of 36,914.

New York City is the most affected state in US with total cases of more than 3,62,800. About 23,488 people have died in NYC alone.

US has tested almost 15.19 million people for the corona infection. Every 45,910 people in 1 million population have already been tested in US.


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