WHO Shows Interest In Nepal’s Anti-Novel Coronavirus Potion

June 5, 2020 | RSS

The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed its interest in the herbal potion for curing COVID-19 said to be developed at the laboratory of the Tribhuvan University, Institute of Forestry in Hetauda. WHO has also shown its interest in the laboratory, it is said.

WHO on Thursday took information regarding the said potion (vaccine) developed by the Institute’s Prof Dr Lalit Kumar Das, and also on its usefulness. Dr Das said the Geneva-based WHO office had in consultations held through video conference with experts of 73 nations including Nepal discussed the medicines for curing COVID-19 and the necessary support in that regard.

The details of the medicine and vaccine produced at the laboratory had been sent to WHO before this. Prof Damodar Gaire had assisted in sending the information in writing to WHO and the Institute’s laboratory was selected by WHO for the video conference discussions. Prof Gaire said during about two hours long discussions, questions were asked regarding the methodology of preparing the medicine. Various support in the development of anti- novel coronavirus vaccine were also discussed.

“First of all the related agencies of Nepal should evaluate the vaccine. Talks were held regarding taking initiatives with WHO for evaluating its vaccine only after that,” he said. It is said WHO will provide US Dollars 500 thousand trial fund if the vaccine project gets the approval. Prof Dr Das has claimed that he has developed the potion (vaccine) against coronavirus after two months of research and experiment on herbs with ant-oxidant and antivirus properties and with enzymatic action.

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