Petroleum Products Worth Rs. 278.15 Billion Imported In Nepal

July 25, 2023 | Investopaper

The table presents the top 20 imported goods in Nepal during the fiscal year 2079/80, along with their respective import amounts in Rs ‘000’.

The top five imported goods are dominated by petroleum-related products. Diesel takes the lead with an import amount of Rs. 153.76 billion, followed by petrol at Rs. 66,84 billion, and Liquidified Petroleum Gas (LPG) at Rs. 58,15 billion.

Other important imports include ferrous products obtained from direct reduction of iron ore, crude soya-bean oil, and non-agglomerated coal. Furthermore, the data reveals that Nepal also imported a substantial amount of smartphones, as they rank ninth on the list, with an import value of Rs. 24,39 billion.

Highest Imported Goods/Items In Nepal

In Rs ‘000’ 

S.N. Item Import Amount
1 Diesel     153,769,979.52
2 Petrol        66,844,808.01
3 Liquidified Petroleum Gas (LPG)        58,154,114.14
4 Ferrous products obtained by direct reduct  on of iron ore,in lumps,pellets or si        43,601,774.88
5 Crude soya-bean oil        35,583,768.98
6 Other coal, not agglomerated, nes        27,124,364.62
7 Crude palm oil        25,915,487.20
8 Other – Medicaments put up in measured doss or in forms or packing for retail sale        24,664,739.06
9 Smartphones        24,396,778.39
10 Other Urea        22,946,057.26
11 Semi-finished products of iron or non-allo   steel, <025% carbon, nes        22,858,927.02
12 Gold        22,354,590.59
13 Other unwrought gold (incl gold plated wi t  platinum), non-monetary.        21,545,300.09
14 Flat/hot-rolled iron/steel,in colis, width  >=600mm, not pickled,<3mm thickness        20,492,550.52
15 ATF        20,074,335.78
16 Others Paddy        19,994,412.97
17 Crude sunflower oil        18,043,384.46
18 Maize (corn) (excl seed)        16,504,968.99
19 Diammonium hydrogenorthophosphate (diammonium phosphate)        16,109,519.07
20 Bar & rods, hot-rolled circular cross-sect  on measuring <=8mm in diameter        14,784,338.93

Source: Department of Customs


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