3,118 Kilometers of Circuit Transmission Lines Added Over the Last Decade

August 28, 2023 | Investopaper

Over the past nine years, Nepal’s power transmission system has witnessed a remarkable growth, with the addition of 3,118 kilometers of circuit transmission lines.

Operationalized by the NEA, a network of transmission lines ranging from 400 KV to 33 KV has been established. The critical task of bringing electricity generated by power plants to households relies heavily on the construction of transmission lines and substation projects.

In the fiscal year 2071/72, the total capacity of grid substations stood at 2,132 MVA. Notably, in the fiscal year 2079/80, substations’ capacity witnessed a substantial rise, reaching 6,735 MVA. This rise in capacity has been mirrored by the expansion in operational transmission lines, which have transitioned from 66 and 132 KV lines to include 66, 132, 220, and 400 KV lines.

The NEA’s strides are also evident in the extension of circuit kilometers. In 2071/72, the transmission network spanned 2,624 circuit kilometers, a figure that has surged to 5,742 circuit kilometers by 2079/80. This expansion involved not only the addition of 220 and 400 KV transmission lines from 2073/74 onwards but also marked a transition from solely 66 and 132 kV lines.

Currently, the transmission network boasts 514 circuit kilometers of 66 KV lines and 3,979 circuit kilometers of 132 KV lines. Further, 220 and 400 KV transmission lines contribute 111 and 148 circuit kilometers, respectively. The rate of growth has varied over the years, with a peak of 606 circuit kilometers added in 2075-76 and a minimum of 141 circuit kilometers in 2074-75. Recent developments indicate the addition of 413 circuit kilometers to the transmission line network in the preceding year.


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