44 Types of Industries To Open During Lockdown In Nepal

May 7, 2020 | Investopaper

The government of Nepal has decided to bring 44 types of industries into operation, including food and other essential commodities. The cabinet meeting held on Wednesday decided to operate such industries from May 8 on the proposal of the Ministry of Industry and the recommendation of the Corona Control High Level Committee.

These are the 44 types of industries that can be operated from Friday i.e. May 8, 2020 [Baisakh 26, 2077]

44 Industries To Open During Lockdown In Nepal

1) Food production or processing industries

2) Milk and dairy products industry

3) Industries manufacturing pharmaceutical, surgical products, health equipment and materials

4) Industries producing drinking water

5) Brick industry

6) Animal and poultry grain and food production industry

7) Edible oil and ghee industry

8) Sugar industry

9) Tea processing industry

10) LPG gas industry

11) Industry producing packaging materials

12) Coffee industry

13) Bread, biscuit and confectionery industries

14) Noodles and Prepared Noodle Industry

15) Spice industry

16) Cardamom and Ginger Processing Industry

17) Poultry rearing, goat rearing, marmot rearing, livestock rearing industries

18) Paddy Rice and Beaten Rice Industries

19) Pulses industry

20) Veterinary and pesticide related industries

21) Mining and mineral industries

22) Sand processing and crusher industry

23) Cement industry

24) Iron and steel industry

25) Painting industry

26) GI and plastic pipe and fittings industry

27) Industry producing electrical cables and electrical materials

28) Juice and soft drink industry

29) Plywood and veneer industry

30) Industries related to power generation, electrical materials, transformers and transmission

31) Zinc sheet industry

32) Heavy machinery tool maintenance

33) Mining Industries and Mines (Limestone, Khari, Dolomite, Red Clay, Iron etc.)

34) Saw-mill and wood industry

35) Aluminum industry

36) Grill industry

37) Garbage collection and treatment industry

38) Transportation and cargo service industry

39) Machine parts workshop industry

40) Motor garage workshop industry

41) Printing and press related industries

42) Small and cottage industries producing all kinds of goods

43) All kinds of industries operating in special economic zones

44) All kinds of industries within the industrial sector


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