Artificial Intelligence in 2020: How AI will shape your future?

January 13, 2020 | DWAIPAYAN REGMI

Do you remember how the ariel view used to be shot during 2010? One had to the charter helicopter and shoot from above. Didn’t drone replace it by 2020? Artificial Intelligence (AI) will mark a major change maker gradually now.

So, when you visit KFC, there will be artificial intelligence and machine learning which will predict what you want. It has now been more than nine months that McDonald’s has been spending hundreds of millions to acquire technology companies specializing in Artificial Intelligence. Apart, it is also working in a newly established tech hub at the heart of Silicon Valley in McD Labs, where the team of engineers along with data scientists is working for voice recognition software.

We have just entered the new era of 2020. Do you remember 2010? When the concept of touch screen mobile phone was just happening. By this time, certainly, a big bunch of revolution can be noted. Artificial Intelligence is something directly linked with this decade. The following are the major predictions that could be seen under this time.

Use of more AI-powered technology

With the rise of AI requirements, AI will turn out to be less expensive with a higher level of accessibility. The cost of hardware and software will lower down and then AI technologies will be embedded in various spaces like vehicles, workplace tools, household appliances, etc. The use of AI will be observed at the domestic level gradually.

AI in the Entertainment Industry

AI will likely be creating new visual effects and trickery likely to become increasingly common. In this era, AI will continue its influence in sectors like movies, games, music, etc. It will create challenging human-like opponents to compete against in Videogames. AI-Generated music will be into radios around, although this should not necessarily be everyone’s cup of tea. Movies industry will use it around in a similar proportion and then.

Use for Cyber Security

With the rise in phishing, social engineering attacks, hacking it is high time that AI to look over in these issues. AI needs to make predictions over algorithms, smart technology in protecting from such attacks. AI can also be used to find out signs over digital activity or transactions following risky or suspect filled patterns. Further, spending on cybersecurity will continue to increase and hence they will be relevant over the skills sought after.

You will be a product

Even if you won’t recognize AI, AI will be around in identifying you. Google, Facebook, YouTube will categorize you based on interest, ideologies, etc. And then, you will be explained as the target market for it. If you happen to visit Daraz and check details of AC – Internet World will consistently follow you up and keep suggesting various AC brands. Alibaba, Amazon, or Daraz – they will deliver personalized experiences and recommendations to you all over the social web and then.

Accuracy over Data and Simulations

As, AI will concentrate on deep learning, through face recognization, image or voice recognition – it will hit the wall of research. The information would be the major weapon in this era and AI would contribute to making in-depth analysis through real-world solutions. It will lower down the heavy budget spent over the experiment and hence, simulations can be conducted through the use of AI itself. So, this age of ’20s will then meet accuracy over the data and hence the credibility of information will be relatively higher.


From health care business to insurance business, from restaurants to the education world – the use of AI will group up rapidly. Companies will start selling AI products gradually and by the time we reach 2030, these AIs will be used among every local level. China will be playing a high role in AI research in this era, creating a further revolution to the tech- world.


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