Citizen Investment Trust (CIT) Earns Rs 59.20 Crores In Profit (Q3 Report)

May 18, 2021 | Investopaper

Citizen Investment Trust (CIT) has reported a net profit of Rs 59.20 crores until the third quarter of the fiscal year 2077/78. This is 56  percent higher than the profit of the corresponding period of the previous year. Last year, the company had earned Rs 37.94 crores until the third quarter.

The rise in profit is mainly due to the increase in income from various sources-interest income, dividend, service charge as well as commission income. CIT earned Rs. 79.02 crores as income from its service charge and commission. Such income stood at Rs 61.62 crores in the same period of the previous year.

As of Chaitra end 2077 BS, Citizen Investment Trust has a paid-up capital of Rs 3 Arba. The per share earning (EPS) stands at Rs. 26 while the net-worth per share is Rs 156.


Citizen Investment Trust Q2 Report, FY 2077/78

Dividend History Of Citizen Investment Trust (CIT)

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