Construction Of Dana-Kushma Transmission Line (220 kV) Completed

January 26, 2021 | Investopaper

Construction of a substation along with the 220 KV Dana-Kushma transmission line at Myagdi has been completed under the Kaligandaki Corridor Transmission Line. The process of charging has also started after the construction of the substation including the transmission line. As per the project, the work of charging transformers by connecting electricity from the substation and transmission line in Dana and Parbat’s Khurkot has been started from Friday. 

The completed transmission line has been tested in two phases so far. In the first phase, three transformers of 100 MBA have been charged in Khurkot by bringing electricity from Kushma Lower Modi’s 132 kV transmission line. Under the second phase, tests have also been conducted from Khurkot to Dana. Under the third phase, the testing of three 33.33 MBA transformer of 100 MBA in Dana has also started from Sunday. Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has informed that it will be connected to the national transmission after the successful test of the third phase. 

After being connected to the national transmission line, electricity will be transmitted from Dana to Khurkot at a capacity of 220 KV. Similarly, Lower Kushma will be connected to Pokhara through Modi’s 132 kV transmission line. A 220 kV transmission line from Khurkot to Bardaghat in Nawalparasi is under construction. 

Ghalemdikhola (5 MW), Thapakhola Hydropower Project (13.4 MW) and Mistrikhola Project (42 MW) will be connected under Dana substation. Ghalemdikhola and Thapakhola are operated projects while Mistri Khola project is being prepared for trial production. 



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