Coronavirus Update: 1 Million People Dead Worldwide

September 29, 2020 | INVESTOPAPER

Coronavirus which has crippled the world is yet to be contained. On Monday, the virus claimed 3,842 new deaths.  Likewise,the new cases inclined by 230,635. Until Monday, almost 33.54 million people have already been infected with the corona virus. About 1,006,134 people have died from the virus infection. Similarly, 24.87 million people have already recovered from the virus.

Coronavirus has remained as the trending topic since its inception in Wuhan, China. WHO has announced COVID-19 as the pandemic. The virus has been spreading rapidly all over the world. The impact of coronavirus has increased exponentially claiming huge deaths.

The latest update regarding the virus include:

—213 countries have reported the cases of corona virus infection

—Almost 33.54 Million people have been infected from the virus worldwide

—1,006,134 deaths due to the virus globally

—Out of total cases, 24.87 million have recovered from the virus infection

—Over 7.66 Million active cases still remain which include 65,000+ in critical condition

—USA reports the highest cases with 7.36 million infected patients. Total Deaths in USA stand at 209,808. More than 2,542,167 active cases running with 14,065 serious patients.

—India is second to US in terms of COVID-19 with 6.14 million cases. More than 96,351 patients have died in India.

—The death toll in Brazil, Mexico and UK is 142,161, 76,430 and 42,001 respectively.

—Nepal has reported total confirmed cases of 74,745 with 54,640 patients already recovered. Till date 481 people have died from the corona infection in Nepal.


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