Four Hydropower With 50 MW Capacity Under Construction In Parbat

March 6, 2021 | Investopaper

Four hydropower projects are under construction in the Parbat district. The capacity of these projects is 50 MW. Three projects are under construction in Modikhola and one in Setikhola.

The Lower Modi, Lower Modi-II, and Madhyamodi Hydropower Projects are being constructed in Modikhola in Parbat’s Modi Municipality and the Setikhola Hydropower Project in Setikhola in Paiyun Municipality. Lower Modi and Lower Modi-II projects have an installed capacity of 20 MW and 10 MW respectively. Likewise, the Madhyamodi hydropower project has a capacity of 15.1 MW. Similalry, Setikhola project has an installed capacity of 3.5 MW.

The Lower Modi Hydropower Project being constructed by Modi Energy Company is in the final stage. The project plans to be connected to the national transmission line within the current fiscal year. Initially estimated to cost Rs. 3.5 billion, the cost of the project has increased due to tunnel problems and delays.

The Madhyamodi project is being constructed in the same river basin with the investment of the Chaudhary Group. The Chaudhary Group is constructing the project through Madhyamodi Hydropower Company. This project has also reached the final stage of construction. It is estimated that it will cost around Rs. 2.80 billion to complete the project. It received the construction license from the Department of Electricity Development on Ashad 7, 2070 BS.

United Modi Hydropower Company is constructing the Lower Modi-II project. Previously, the company has successfully constructed 10 MW Lower Modi-1 project. The electricity of three projects under construction will be connected to the Modi substation. Similarly, the Setikhola Hydropower Project being constructed by Paiyun Khola Hydro Power Company in Setikhola had obtained a construction license in 2074 BS.

Three hydropower projects with a total installed capacity of 25 MW have already come into operation. The 14.8 MW Modikhola, 10 MW Lower Modi-1 and 1 MW Patikhola constructed by Nepal Electricity Authority are generating electricity.

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