Government Removes Electricity Demand Fee For Drinking Water

May 31, 2020 | Investopaper

The government has waived the electricity demand fee to be paid by the Drinking Water Consumers Committee. Through the budget of the Fiscal Year 2077/78, the demand fee for electricity has been waived.

According to the Ministry of Drinking Water, the Drinking Water Consumer Committees have been repeatedly drawing the attention of the government demanding reduction of demand fee. The demand fee has been removed due to the efforts by Minister for Water Supply Bina Magar.

The government has announced to provide basic drinking water facility to 94 percent of the population next year. At present, this facility has reached 90 percent of the population. Similarly, the budget states that the water supply system based on rivers including Mahakali, Karnali, Babai and Kosil will be made sustainable and feasibility study of operation of reservoir-based drinking water project will be implemented.

Rs. 6 billion has been allocated for the operation of climate-friendly and massive pumping, lift and drinking water projects under construction in the drought-hit areas next year. It is mentioned that the drinking water distributed in all the districts of Terai Madhes will be arsenic free.


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