Top Ten Highest Tax Paying Companies In Nepal

July 19, 2022 | Investopaper

Surya Nepal has become the highest tax-paying company in Nepal. The company has paid Rs 10.72 billion in taxes in the fiscal year 2078/79. Surya Nepal has been selling cigarettes, matches, incense sticks, and confectionery. The company has two cigarette industries in Simara and Tanahu. The company has been producing and selling 3 billion cigarettes annually under various brands.

The government-owned Nepal Telecom (NTC) is the second company to pay the most taxes. NTC paid Rs 9.82 billion in taxes including the advance income tax and VAT. In the previous fiscal year 2077/78, Nepal Telecom had paid only Rs 9 billion in taxes.

Ncell Axiata, the private sector telecom company, has become the third-highest taxpayer in the last fiscal year by paying Rs 7.79 billion.

Similarly, Gorkha Brewery is the fourth-highest taxpayer in Nepal. It is one of the largest beer-selling companies in Nepal. The company has been producing and selling Gorkha, Carlsberg, San Miguel, Somersby, and Tuborg beers. The company paid Rs 5.69 billion in taxes last year including VAT and advance income tax.

The government-owned Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is the fifth-highest taxpayer in the fiscal year 2078/79. NEA has paid Rs 3.95 billion in tax.

NIC Asia Bank is the sixth-highest taxpayer company with an advance income tax and VAT of Rs 3.41 billion. Similarly, Nabil Bank is in the seventh position by paying Rs 3.32 billion in tax.

Likewise, Global IME Bank is ranked eighth with a tax payment of Rs 3.17 billion. Similarly, Siddhartha Bank has paid Rs 2.77 billion in taxes and is in ninth place. Rastriya Banijya Bank is the tenth highest tax payer. with the payment of Rs 2.65 billion in income tax and VAT in the last fiscal year.

The table below presents the highest tax paying companies in Nepal.

Top 10 Highest Tax Paying Companies In Nepal- FY 2078/79

Rank Company  Tax Amount (Rs.’In Billion’)
1 Surya Nepal 10.72
2 Nepal Telecom (NTC) 9.82
3 Ncell Axiata 7.79
4 Gorkha Brewery 5.69
5  Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) 3.95
6 NIC Asia Bank 3.41
7 Nabil Bank 3.32
8 Global IME Bank 3.17
9 Siddhartha Bank 2.77
10 Rastriya Banijya Bank 2.65

Highest Tax Paying Companies In Nepal- FY 2077/78

Rank Company  Tax Amount (Rs.’In Billion’)
1 Surya Nepal 9.34
2 Nepal Telecom (NTC) 9
3 Ncell Axiata 8
4 Gorkha Brewery 4.24
5 Nabil Bank 3.97
6 NIC Asia Bank 3.61
7 Global IME Bank 3
8 Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) 2.9
9 Prime Commercial Bank 2.43
10 Agricultural Development Bank 2.39


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