How To Open Bank Account Online In Nepal? [7 Easy Steps]


Online Account Opening is getting hype these days. Customers should no longer get physically present in the branch to open an account. This seems to be pretty reliable, easy, and fast as well. So, if you need a bank account – you can simply fill-up the form and get your transactions done ready at any time. This is as simple as opening up a Gmail Account, or Facebook Account.

Here, we will let you know how bank accounts can be opened up online, concerning ADBL’s online account opening procedure.

Step 1: Open Bank’s Website

The first step that you need to go through is open the concerned bank website. On the website, you will see Online Account Opening Link somewhere. Click on the link. Once you open the link, you will be sent to screen from where you can opt for the type of account – Saving, current, or fixed account.

In the reference image below – Open Online Account link can be seen [Highlighted by the red circle].

Step 2: Form Preparation

Once you chose your Account Type, you will be shown the list of documents required and further subdivision of the account.  You will require a Passport Size Photo, Copy of Citizenship in general. You might be shown the account with a minimum balance be that 0 or something else. Once you decide which account you want to open, you will be shown the eligibility criteria which will then take you to Online Account Opening Form.

Step 3: Form Filling

Once you get access to the form, you will be asked several information. Don’t use short cuts like Bdr for Bahadur, Pd for Prasad. Your name, email address, mobile number, branch from where you wish to open, date of birth will be asked. Before you proceed further, you will be asked to enter captcha to ensure that a human is using.

Further, you will receive OTP on your mobile phone or email which you need to enter there for further processing.

Step 4: After OTP

You will also gain your access code, from where you can continue further. You will then be asked other information to be filled up. You need to fill up your KYC – like Marital Status, Religion, Educational Qualification, Identification Details, Address, etc. You should compulsorily fill-up Father’s Name, Mother’s Name, and Grandfather’s name. It is advisable to fill up document number, and district along with other detail if you select some document. The purpose of the account will be asked – which could be saving, salary or remittance, etc. Your income source details will also be asked.

You can keep your nominee, which is optional.

Make sure that you enter every detail correctly.

Step 5: Document Upload

After you fill every detail, you will be taken to the next document. Basic documents will be asked. Make sure you make the size of them in between 100kb-1MB. Your PP size photo, ID card, and Signature are compulsory. Other documents are advised to keep but are not any compulsory.


Step 6: Terms and Conditions

In the next screen, you will be shown the Terms and Conditions. Once you accept the terms and conditions you need to put a tick mark in ‘I agree above Terms and Conditions‘ and then save the document and continue till you reach the next window.


Step 7: Review


You will be then directed to the next Review page, from where you can edit if anything went wrong. Once you ensure that everything is okay, you can finally click the Submit button. Once you submit, you cannot make changes – hence it is advisable to make sure you carefully review your details there.


You can now make basic transactions after the branch’s approval. Once the branch approves it – your account number will be sent to your email. But, before any withdrawal, you need to visit the branch once and submit the documents in real. You can then get your checkbook from there as well.



This is just an example of how you can open an account online of Agriculture Development Bank Ltd.  The process for other banks are almost similar. You can follow similar steps in banks like Nabil Bank, NIC Asia Bank, Nepal Investment Bank etc. There are other banks, who are in the process to launch for their online account opening as well. Upon any queries, you can directly contact the branch’s head office and make your process smoother.



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