Top 12 World’s Largest Initial Public Offering (IPO)

October 29, 2020 | Investopaper

When a company issues the shares to the investors for the first time, it is known as IPO. After the IPO, the shares of the company are listed in the stock exchange. Investors can trade those shares in the secondary market. Initial Public Offering (IPO) helps the companies to raise new equity capital. Likewise, it enables the general public to participate in the ownership of the company for the first time.

As the world’s largest IPO, Ant Group is set to launch the massive public offering worth $34.5 billion. The company will list the shares in stock markets of China and Hong Kong.

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Ant Group, Founder Of Alipay, To Launch World’s Largest IPO

Before Ant Group, Saudi Aramco had issued the largest IPO of $29.4 billion in 2019. Prior to Saudi Aramco, Jack Ma’s Alibaba had issued $25 billion worth of shares in 2014. In 2018, Japan’s Softbank Group issued an IPO worth $23.50 billion. The Agricultural Bank of China issued IPO worth $22.10 billion in 2010 and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China raised $21.90 billion through IPO in 2006.

Similarly, Hong Kong’s AIA Group had issued an IPO worth $20.50 billion in 2010. Visa Inc. of the United States issued IPO worth $19.70 billion in 2008. General Motors Company of the United States issued $18.2 billion worth of shares in 2010. Likewise, Japan’s NTT DOCOMO raised $18.1 billion by selling shares in 1998. Enel Group of Italy issued $16.60 billion IPO in 1999, and Facebook raised $16 billion in 2012 through an IPO.

The table below presents the top 12 largest initial public offering (IPO) of the world till date.

Top 12 Largest Initial Public Offering (IPO) In The World

Rank Company Name IPO Amount (In $ ‘Billion’) Year
1 Ant Group 34.5 2020
2 Saudi Aramco 29.4 2019
3 Alibaba 25 2014
4 Softbank Group 23.5 2018
5 Agricultural Bank of China 22.1 2010
6 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 21.9 2006
7 AIA Group 20.5 2010
8 Visa Inc. 19.7 2008
9 General Motors 18.2 2010
10 NTT DOCOMO 18.1 1998
11 Enel Group 16.6 1999
12 Facebook 16 2012



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