Mandatory Embossed Number Plate on Vehicles From Mangsir 1

November 9, 2021 | Investopaper

New vehicles registered in the transport offices of five states will have to get embossed number plates from Mangsir 1, 2078 BS. The Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport on Monday published a notice on Monday stating that the embossed number will be mandatory in Bagmati, Gandaki, Lumbini, Karnali and Far-Western states. 

So far, only about 13,000 vehicles have been fitted with embossed number plates, according to the Department of Transport Management. According to the department, 65 large vehicles, 9,482 medium and small vehicles and 3,361 two-wheelers have embossed number plates.

The Department of Transport Management provided the contract worth Rs 4.78 billion to Decatur Tiger IT, a Bangladeshi company, to supply and install the embossed number plates on vehicle. As per the contract agreement signed on Jestha 17, 2073 BS, Decatur Tiger should have to install embossed number plates on 2.5 million vehicles in five years.


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