Top Life Insurance Companies Listed On NEPSE [Based On Market Value]

September 5, 2021 | Investopaper

The market capitalization of a company refers to the total market value of the outstanding shares of that company. So, basically the market capitalization (also known as market cap or market value) of a company is obtained by multiplying the market price per share to the number of outstanding shares of that company. This calculation will help you to determine the size and the strength of the company in the market.


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Market capitalization can be helpful to diversify your portfolio because it is essential to pick different sized companies to minimize the risk associated with your investment. One of the basic features of blue-chip stocks is large market capitalization. On the other hand, the company with small market capitalization can become the most valuable companies in your portfolio if they become successful. But they have a high risk compared to large-cap companies.

Market cap is also a useful metric to determine the changing position of a company in the stock market either it be large, medium or small companies. Likewise, it also reflects the overall market behavior and sentiment too. For instance, when the total market cap of a Nepalese stock market increases on a daily basis for a time period, it is understandable that the market is on an upward trend and vice versa.


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Market Capitalization Of Life Insurance Companies In Nepal

The table below presents the life insurance companies along with the share price, listed shares and the market capitalization.

S.N. Stock Name Stock Symbol No. Of Listed Shares Share Price (Rs.) Market Capitalization (Rs ‘Arba’)
1 Nepal Life Insurance Co. Ltd. NLIC 71,999,707 1806 130.03
2 Life Insurance Co. Nepal LICN 22,110,000 2177 48.13
3 National Life Insurance Co. Ltd. NLICL 33,908,896 1106 37.50
4 Asian Life Insurance Co. Limited ALICL 20,107,608 1338 26.90
5 Prime Life Insurance Company Limited PLIC 24,170,570 899 21.73
6 Surya Life Insurance Company Limited SLICL 22,628,950 887 20.07
7 Jyoti Life Insurance Ltd JLI 22,000,000 710 15.62
8 Union Life Insurance Company Limited ULI 21,500,000 718 15.44
9 Prabhu Life Insurance Limited PLI 20,000,000 729 14.58
10 Gurans Life Insurance Company Ltd. GLICL 19,755,846 705.5 13.94
11 Reliance Life Insurance Limited RLI 21,000,000 647 13.59
12 Sanima Life Insurance Limited SLI 20,000,000 339.9 6.80


The share price is of  September 2, 2021 [Bhadra 17, 2078 BS]. The total listed shares of the banks is of Mid-July 2021 [Ashad end, 2078 BS]. At current, the share price as well as listed shares may vary along with the market capitalization. 


From the above table, we can conclude that Nepal Life Insurance is the top life insurance company of Nepal in terms of market capitalization. Also the leader of the life insurance sector of Nepal, Nepal Life Insurance has a market value of Rs 130.03 Arba (As of Bhadra 17, 2078 BS). It is followed by LIC Nepal with Rs 48.13 Arba market capitalization. Similarly, Sanima Life Insurance has the lowest market value among the life insurance with Rs 6.80 Arba. The average market cap of the life insurance companies in Nepal is Rs 30.36 Arba.

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