NEA Earns Rs. 8.50 Billion In First Three Months Of Current Fiscal Year

December 2, 2022 | Investopaper

Nepal Electricity Authority has earned a gross profit of Rs. 8.50 billion rupees in the first three months of the current fiscal year 2079/080.

According to the unaudited financial statement, NEA has earned Rs. 32.98 billion from the sale of electricity, interest and other income during this period. It has purchased electricity worth Rs. 14.15 billion from the private sector during this period.

The income of Rs. 22.20 billion was generated by selling the electricity produced by the power houses owned by NEA and purchased from the private sector within the country.

In the first three months of the current year, a total expenditure of Rs 24.48 billion was done for the purchase of electricity and administrative purposes.

During this period, an income of Rs. 6.17 billion has been generated by selling the surplus electricity in the Indian market at a competitive price.

Nepal Electricity Authority had generated a profit of Rs. 16.09 Arba in the fiscal year 2078/79


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