Nepse Index Climbs To New All Time High Of 2235.72 | Market Capitalization Surpasses Rs 30 Kharba

January 11, 2021 | Investopaper

The stock market index (Nepse Index) and its total  has market capitalization set a record high. On Sunday, the Nepse index rose by 41.24 points to its all-time high of 2235.72. Similarly, the size of the stock market is Rs. 30.11 Kharba. Last Thursday, the total market capitalization stood at Rs. 29.55 Kharba. It has increased by 55.55 billion to reach new high.

Along with the Nepse index, the sensitive index has also increased by 7.21 points on the first day of the week and reached 428.43 points.

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Similarly, the float index increased by 3.55 points and the sensitive float index by 3.03 points. The total turnover for the day was Rs. 6.33 billion. A total of 1.53 crore shares of 207 companies were traded through 57,171 transactions.

Investors are excited as the transaction amount is also increasing along with Nepse. Experts say that the increase in the Nepse index has been accompanied by the size of the business and the indicator has strengthened and is likely to continue to rise.

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