NTA Completes 69 Percent Broadband Internet Connection Across Country

November 26, 2020 | Investopaper

Under the project launched by the Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) with the aim of providing high speed broadband internet across the country, 69 percent connection has been completed Until Karthik end.  According to NTA, 69.37 percent connection has been completed so far as NEA has implemented the project of providing broadband internet service in 18 packages using the funds of Rural Telecommunication Development Fund.

So far, the connection has been completed in the specified places in 46 districts under 12 packages. According to him, out of 18 packages. The internet connection has been completed in 11,086 places, including 506 local levels, 4,165 ward offices, 3,472 secondary schools and 2,943 health institutions.

Similarly, 4,896 internet connections are still pending. Of them, 100 percent work has been completed in 46 districts and 50 percent work in the remaining nine districts by end of Karthik. Similarly, NTA has stated that an agreement has been reached for network and connectivity connection in 19 districts under four packages.

Out of the total amount of Rs. 5.26 billion, Rs. 2.71 billion has been paid to the service providers for the broadband project so far. The project aims to provide free broadband internet service to municipalities, villages, ward offices, educational institutions and health institutions across the country.

NTA has not covered the three districts of Kathmandu Valley- Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur, in the expansion of broadband internet under the Rural Telecommunication Fund. The internet has been expanded to 15,982 places in 74 districts including 702 local levels, 5,933 ward offices, 5,225 secondary schools and 4,122 health institutions through an estimated 18 packages.


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