Paid-Up Capital Of Finance Companies In Nepal [Updated]

October 20, 2020 | Investopaper

As of Mid-July 2020 [Ashad end, 2077], there are 22 finance companies in Nepal. Out of the 22 finance, Nepal Rastra Bank has declared three as the problematic financial institutions. United Finance is the largest finance in terms of paid-up capital with Rs 104.08 crores. Likewise, Crystal Finance, one of the problematic finance, has the lowest capital of Rs 7 crores.

The table below presents the paid-up capital of all the finance companies of Nepal (As of Ashad end, 2077).

Paid-Up Capital Of Finance Company In Nepal

S. No. Name of Finance Company  Paid up Capital (Rs. In Crores)  
1 *Nepal Finance  Limited 13.58
2 Gorkhas Finance Limited 86.80
3 Goodwill Finance  Limited 80.00
4 Shree Investment & Finance Co. Limited 82.90
5 Lalitpur Finance Limited 18.79
6 United Finance Limited 104.08
7 Best Finance Company Limited 82.89
8 Progessive Finance Limited 80.01
9 Janaki Finance Co. Limited 60.04
10 Pokhara Finance Limited 91.73
11 Central Finance Limited 82.34
12 Multipurpose  Finance Co. Limited 22.41
13 Srijana  Finance Limited 84.78
14 *Samriddhi Finance Company Limited 18.20
15 Guheshwori  Merchant Banking & Finance Limited 80.00
16 ICFC Finance Limited 92.65
17 City express Finance Company  Limited 40.00
18 Manjushree Finance Limited 81.81
19 Reliance Finance Limited 83.24
Total 1286.26

* Released from problematic in this fiscal year

Paid-Up Capital Of Problematic Finance Companies

S. No. Name of Finance Company  Paid up Capital (Rs. In Crores)  
1 Nepal Share Markets and Finance Ltd. 23.33
2 Capital Merchant Banking and Finance Ltd. 93.51
3 Crystal Finance Ltd. 7.00
Total 123.84


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2 thoughts on “Paid-Up Capital Of Finance Companies In Nepal [Updated]

  • January 9, 2021 at 1:30 am

    what is the required paid-up capital for the finance companies?

    • January 9, 2021 at 12:08 pm

      For national level finance, the required paid-up capital is Rs 80 crores


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