Pokhara Noodles Brings ‘HotPot’ Noodle In Nepali Market

September 25, 2020 | Investopaper

Pokhara Noodles Pvt. Ltd. has brought ‘HotPot’ noodles in the Nepali market. After a long period of research, the company has brought hotpot noodles of different flavors to the market. The first presentation of the brand of the international standard hotpot series has been sent to the market keeping in mind the choice of the consumers, said the company in the press release.

As the taste of authentic Korean noodles is more popular, HotPot noodles (Ramen) have come for the first time in the Nepali market, said Shri Ram Pandey, Chairman of the company. The company believes that hotpot chicken gourmet is spicy soup noodles and it will become popular as soup noodles. It is suitable for people of all ages as it is not too much spicy and it contains seasoning powder as well as dry vegetables, said the company.

As this noodle is 2X spicy, you can dry the noodles by throwing away the cooked water and eat them with spicy paste and roasted flakes. 2X Spicy is for those who like to have spicy noodles, as said in the company’s statement. The price of noodles is Rs 50 per packet.

The company is also preparing to bring other products of the Hotpot Noodles series to the market. It has stated that it has signed the contract with the former Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Khatiwada as the brand ambassador for all the products.


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