Covid-19’s Antiviral Drug Favir-200 Produced In Nepal

September 24, 2020 | Investopaper

As the infection of Covid-19 is gradually increasing In Nepal, the antiviral drug Favipiravir Oral Tablet is being produced in Nepal as one of the essential medicines for the treatment.The Deurali-Janata Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Limited has started producing the drug after many countries tested the drug for treatment of COVID-19. The company, which has been manufacturing medicines in Nepal for the past three decades, has started production of Favir 200 tablets for the first time in Nepal with the permission of the Department of Drug Management.

So far, the government of countries such as Japan, China, Russia, the United States, Turkey, Canada, India and Bangladesh, has approved the use of Favipiravir tab drug for the treatment of Covid-19. Nepal has become the eighth country to produce this drug since its inception.

Deurali-Janata Pharmaceuticals has made all preparations to provide Favir-200 for the use of Nepali people in this critical epidemic situation, if required or directed by the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Health and Department of Drug Management and Nepal Health Research Council.

About FAVIR-200

Favipiravir (FAVIR-200 TAB) is an oral antiviral drug which selectively inhibits RNA polymerase to eliminate viral replication. This drug was initially manufactured and approved by Japan in 2014 and used in various viral epidemic cases in humans including sever Influenza. Favipiravir has been investigated for the treatment of life threatening conditions such as Ebola virus, Lassa virus and recently COVID-19 infections. The most important feature of FAVIR200 TAB as an antiviral agent is the apparent lack of generation of Favipiravir-resistant viruses. Favipiravir alone maintains its therapeutic efficacy in an influenza pandemic or an epidemic lethal RNA virus infection.


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