Rastriya Banijya Bank To Provide CashBack On Electronic Transactions

September 29, 2021 | Investopaper

Targeting the festivals Dashain, Tihar, Nepal Samvat, and Chhath, Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited (RBB) is going to give cashback on electronic transactions. The bank has come up with a scheme to give cashback to those who pay through the point of sale POS. 

The bank will provide the cashback when swiping a card for transaction of more than Rs 1,000. This scheme will be implemented from Ashwin 21, 2078 BS to Karthik 24, 2078 BS. Paying the amount by swiping Rastriya Banijya Bank’s card through POS in various businesses across the country will result in cashback on the transaction.

Under this scheme, when swiping the card 3 to 5 times, the bank will give 5 percent maximum cashback or Rs. 500. Likewise one will receive 10 percent maximum cashback or Rs. 750 in 6 to 10 times card swipe, 15 percent maximum cashback, or Rs 1,000 in 11 to 15 times swipe of RBB card. 


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