Reality Shows : Profitable Ventures in Nepal

November 29, 2019 | DWAIPAYAN REGMI 

By this time, there are various reality shows that are gaining popularity within Nepal. Depending upon genre, these reality shows have been operating throughout. From the early days of Ko Bancha Lakhpati, Sprite Band Challenge, Nepal Idol, Roadies, Voice of Nepal, Boogie Woogie to Ko Bancha Karodpati – Nepal now has a bunch of domestic and franchised reality shows.

Although the previous ones like Nepal Star, Nepali Tara or Sprite Band Challenge created impact, they could not sustain for a longer period. These reality shows help to promote empowerment and boost up the scale in whatever it is concerned. These musical reality shows have been playing a wonderful role in reviving almost lost music. Who would even remember Pushpan Pradhan if there was not Nepal Idol?

However, these reality shows are more of a business mind. Following reason explain how they happen to be business-focused more than anything.

Vote of Emotions

Whom do you want to vote? Someone who sings well? Or, someone who happens to be your friend or relatives? Maybe, you are voting someone from your caste? Okay, or someone from your neighborhood or society? So – no matter whom so ever you are voting, you are voting someone spending money for each vote. Nope, the single vote might not make any difference, you might be voting again – letting the organizer earn from your every single SMS.


Do you remember it was Sprite who sponsored Band Challenge Competition decade back? Or, Oppo who sponsored Nepal Idol’s previous edition. Ah, this time it’s Coca Cola. United Cements are paying enough for Voice Of Nepal. NIC Asia is there and apart from main sponsors, there exist other side sponsors who have been paying them in a pretty impressive manner. As a result, the cost of operation will be recovered and profit will be generated from within.

Concert Ahead

It’s not just about picking one single winner. The team will then be mobilized for a wide range of concerts within Nepal and abroad. A large number of additional sponsors, ticket collection, etc. will all gear up further revenue to the organizers. So, even after the season gets over on Television, the practice of earning continues. As a result, even the participant gets further exposure thereby.


These international brands, when they come to Nepal, they will have to pay to the original owner as well. So, this is a business deal again. Impressive bunch of views on YouTube is the next revenue-generating space.

High Advertisement Cost

The price of an advertisement in between the time slot would be high. As, there will be a large number of audiences around, a large proportion of advertisements can be recorded. Advertisers would be eager to find out the time slot in the program around and they all remain pack and tight.

The reality show has been doing amazing in increasing the TRP of television channels in Nepal. Apart from the entertainment show, they are highly focused upon business as well. Audiences need to understand the same. Apart from the entertainment show, they should keep in mind that they are a business deal too. Only then, these shows get real meaning and get exciting.


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