Samata Laghubitta 1:2 right share opens from today

October 14, 2019 | Investopaper

Samata Laghubitta is going to issue 1:2 right share from today (Ashwin 27, 2076. The issue will remain open until Mangsir 1, 2076.

The microfinance closed the shareholders’ registration book on Ashwin 1, 2076. Hence, the investors purchasing the shares until Bhadra 31, 2076 are eligible for the right share.

Samata Laghubitta is planning to issue 12,13,440 units right share to its shareholders. The issue amount is worth Rs. 12.13 crores.

NIBL Ace Capital Limited is the issue manager for the right issue.

Currently, Samata Laghubitta has a capital of Rs. 6.07 Arba. After the issue of the right, the capital will rise to Rs. 18.20 crores.

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