Sanima Equity Fund (SAEF) Reports NAV of Rs. 11.02

December 29, 2023 | Investopaper

Sanima Equity Fund (SAEF), a mutual fund scheme operated by Sanima Capital Limited, has reported a Net Asset Value (NAV) of Rs 11.02 until the end of Mangsir, 2080 BS. As per the monthly report, the scheme has disclosed a rise in NAV as compared to the end of the previous month. At the end of Karthik, 2080 BS, the NAV stood at Rs 10.49.

Note: The dividend from the fiscal year 2079/80 is already adjusted in the NAV.

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SAEF has a total investment value of Rs 1.07 Arba in stocks of listed companies. Such investment stood at Rs 1.00 Arba in the previous month. Likewise, the scheme has invested Rs 10.78 crores in debenture/bonds and Rs 17 crores in the fixed deposits. As of the end of Mangsir, SAEF has a bank balance of Rs 3.12 crores.

In the first five months of the current fiscal year 2080/81, SAEF has posted a gross loss of Rs 3.41 crores. From the fiscal year 2079/80, the scheme had distributed an 18 percent cash dividend to its unit-holders.

About SAEF

Sanima Equity Fund (SAEF) is a close ended-mutual fund scheme operated by the fund manager Sanima Capital Limited under Sanima Mutual Fund. The fund has a size of Rs 1.30 Arba. It has a maturity period of 7 years. The fund will retire on Poush 10, 2081 BS.

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