Sikta Irrigation Project: 67 Percent Complete In 15 Years

February 26, 2021 | Investopaper

It has been almost fifteen years since the construction of the Sikta Irrigation Project, a project of national pride. The project, which was started with the aim of completing it in 10 years, has achieved only 67 percent physical progress till the completion of 15 years.

After the first revised target to be achieved in the current fiscal year 2077/78 was not met, the new revision target has been set for the fiscal year 2084/85. It is seen that it will take 23 years to complete the project if the work is completed on the second revised target.

The estimated cost of the project in the initial year 2061/62 was Rs. 12.80 billion. The initial estimated completion date for the project was in the fiscal year 2071/72 BS. Although the project has already spent Rs. 17.09 billion till the current fiscal year, it has not been completed yet. The new revised cost of the project is estimated at Rs 25.02 billion.

The project has brought water from western main canal and eastern canal into operation. At present, the project can irrigate 16,000 hectares of land under the western main canal and 16,000 hectares under the eastern canal.

About Sikta Irrigation Project

Sikta is the largest irrigation project in Nepal. The project aims to irrigate about 43,000 hectares of land in Banke district. The construction of 45 km western main canal of the project has been completed while construction of 53 km eastern canal is underway.

The target is to irrigate a total of 42,766 hectares of arable land by constructing a dam on the Rapti River in front of Banke district, 33,766 hectares on the west right side of Rapti district and 9,000 hectares on the east-left side of Rapti district.

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