Social Media Registration in Nepal- Benefits Around!

January 8, 2020 | DWAIPAYAN REGMI

The new law of IT Policy introduced by Government week back had several issues to discuss around. From imprisonment to fine up to 15 lakhs, there have been rapid improvements in various sectors.

In the meantime, the Government of Nepal further decided that Social Media spaces like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Whatsapp, TikTok, etc should be registered in Nepal. It has been stated that they are not just the space to express freedom, but are a strong source for news accessibility too. Hence, it should be registered within the given time, and if these social media fails in the registration within that time – they can be shut down or banned in the Nepalese context anyway.

The following are the major advantages that Nepal would receive upon being successful over Social Media Registration in Nepal.


There are no formal means to carry out business using these social media platforms as of now. One will have to use an indirect channel for this entire process to carry out. Hence, help from a friend abroad – or through the use of agents based in Nepal, page or post boost can be done through Facebook. The case is not any different in other platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. This provision implied will help in transparency over the expenses done across social media.

Revenue Generation

Once these social media platform gets legally registered in Nepal, they will start paying taxes fulfilling the regular obligations around. Like other Multinational Companies, these social media platforms will generate a regular flow of revenue to the Nepal Government, which will benefit Nepal’s economy as a whole. As of now, they are entirely free – and they have not been into any tax-related obligations. It is important to realize that these social media platforms have been paying taxes in other nations anyway.

Everyone will be in the same line

There won’t be any bias-ness for anyone once this practice is practically implemented. Upon implementation, these social media will be regarded or treated as Multinational Service provider. And, they will be facilitated like other MNCs within Nepal are being facilitated along with similar tax obligations. Everyone will be within tax boundary and then thereafter.

Rights Distribution

Rights and powers will be minimized, and then the social media problem holder will not have to complain there in New York to get a solution hereby. These rights are crucial as it lets to solve the problem locally. Here, the distribution of power will let to have our own decision making and issue solving body. This will make problems across social media relatively easy and simple and then.

Social media are a powerful weapon in today’s era. It had been not taken care of previously. Some arguments will further explain that if they hesitate in registration there are possibilities of Facebook, Twitter usage a difficult thing. This can lead to a ban on these social media too. But, if policies are effectively implemented – they will certainly help entire Nepal’s Internet or Web world! Happy Surfing!


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