Tara Khola Becoming The ‘Hub’ Of Hydropower

November 5, 2020 | Investopaper

Several hydropower projects are being constructed in Tarakhola village municipality of Baglung district. The construction of 380 KW Tarakhola Hydropower Project has been completed in Tarakhola. Preparations are underway to operate four large projects in Tarakhola with the aim of generating electricity on a large scale again. Construction of Madhyatarakhola Hydropower Project has already started while three other hydropower projects are in the process of construction.

Hydropower projects are in full swing in Tarakhola at a time when there is no central power supply in most parts of Tarakhola, which is dependent on small scale hydropower. Anil Khadka, managing director of the Mid-Tarakhola Hydropower Project, said that construction work of 2.2 MW is underway to connect it to the central transmission line.

The project will generate electricity by mixing Tarakhola, Chhellar and Nagbeli rivers in one dam and discharging the water down to 126 meters. The total cost of the project is Rs. 260 million. Prabhu Bank and 10 others are investing in the project.

Four projects will be constructed under the technology of generating electricity from one hydropower project and transferring the water directly to another power house (casket project). The cost will be reduced as the dam will have to be constructed only in the initial project of the project. The electricity generated in the project will be connected to Harichaur substation under the central transmission line.

The process has started for the construction of 3.5 MW Lower Tarakhola Hydropower Project on the water generated by the Madhyatara Hydropower Project. Similarly, the investors of the same project will also build the Mid-Daram khola ‘A’ Hydropower Project and the Mid-Daram khola Hydropower Project ‘B’. Two projects will be constructed from the same dam, including Mid-Daram khola. The mid-Daram ‘A’ will have a capacity of three megawatts and the mid-Daram ‘B’ will have a capacity of 4.5 MW.


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