Top 10 most valuable companies of Nepal


The table below shows the list of top ten companies of Nepal based on market capitalization. We have included the companies listed and traded in Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse). Commercial Banks occupy 8 out of 10 spots in the highest market capitalization category.

Nepal Telecom is the most valued company with the market capitalization of Rs. 93 billion. It is followed by Nabil  Bank Limited with a market value of Rs. 74.23 billion. Nepal Life Insurance occupies the third sport in terms of market value with Rs. 62.27 billion. Nepal Life Insurance is ahead of several commercial banks in terms of market value.

Note: The market capitalization is based on the share price of January 30, 2020.

See the table below for the top 10 most valuable companies in Nepal.

Top 10 Companies of Nepal (in terms of Market Capitalization)

S.N.  Company Name Symbol Capitalization (Rs. In Arba)
1 Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited NTC 93
2 Nabil Bank Limited NABIL 74.23
3 Nepal Life Insurance Co. Ltd. NLIC 62.27
4 Nepal Investment Bank Limited NIB 55.32
5 Global IME Bank Limited GBIME 54.84
6 Everest Bank Limited EBL 53.1
7 NMB Bank Limited NMB 51.06
8 Standard Chartered Bank Limited SCB 48.79
9 Himalayan Bank Limited HBL 47.7
10 NIC Asia Bank Ltd. NICA 46.64


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