Top 10 Richest Person in the World 2020

April 9, 2020 | Investopaper

The number of billionaires has declined in 2020, as COVID-19 affects the global economy. As per the Forbes list, there are currently 2,095 billionaire (as of March 18, 2020), 58 fewer than a year ago. The total networth of the billionaires amounts to 8 trillion dollars which is 700 billion dollars less than 2019.

Jeff Bezos is the richest person of the world for three years in a row. Despite huge divorce settlement of $36 billion which he handed to his ex-wife, Bezos is currently worth $113 billion. He reigns as the wealthiest man, thanks to his holdings in his ecommerce giant Amazon.

Bezos is followed by the Microsoft founder Bill Gates with $98 billion and Bernard Arnault with $76 billion. Here are the top 10 riches person of the world in 2020:

Top 10 Richest Person in the World 2020

Rank Billionaire Networth (‘in billion’) Country Company
1 Jeff Bezos $113 USA Amazon
2 Bill Gates $98 USA Microsoft
3 Bernard Arnault & Family $76 France LVMH
4 Warren Buffett $67.50 USA Berkshire Hathaway
5 Larry Ellison $59 USA Oracle
6 Amansio Ortega $55.10 Spain Zara
7 Mark Zuckerberg $54.70 USA Facebook
8 Jim Walton $54.60 USA Walmart
9 Alice Walton $54.40 USA Walmart
10 Rob Walton $54.10 USA Walmart


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