Visit Nepal Year 2020: Only 220,000 Tourists Visited Nepal In 11 Months

December 9, 2020 | Investopaper

In the first 11 months of 2020, 220,117 tourists have visited Nepal. Even though the government inaugurated the Nepal Tourism Year with the aim of attracting 2 million tourists this year, tourist arrivals in Nepal fell well short of the target. Most of the tourists arrived in Nepal from January to March. The corona breakdown had the most adverse impact on the tourism industry.

As per the Immigration Department, 75,925 people from Asian countries have entered Nepal by air and land this year. The highest number of tourists coming to Nepal this year is 40,659 from India and the lowest is 320 from the Czech Republic. Likewise, 4,973 tourists visited from Bangladesh, 2,132 people from Bhutan and 10,472 people from Sri Lanka have visited Nepal this year. Similarly, 18,830 arrived from China, 5,614 from Japan, 3,585 from Malaysia, 1,568 from Singapore, 6,953 from South Korea, 2,024 from Taipei, 18,664 from Myanmar, and 18,664 from Thailand. 18,841 people have come to Nepal.

Among the European countries: 712 from Austria, 1180 from Belgium, 955 from Denmark, 4417 from France, 4433 from Germany, 680 from Israel, 1610 from Italy, 1610 from the Netherlands, 2491 from Norway, 509 from Poland and 1190 from Poland, 1,680 from Russia, 1,146 from Switzerland, 1617 from Spain, 585 from Sweden, and 11,397 from the UK. Similarly, 6,808 people from Australia and 704 people from New Zealand have come to Nepal this year. This year, 3,056 people have come from Canada and 17,187 from the United States.

Corona is considered to be the main reason for the decline in the number of foreign tourists this year. China, one of the major tourist destinations in Nepal, had banned its citizens from leaving the country in the first month of last year after the corona outbreak. Similarly, even the tourists who were in the process of the visa to come to Nepal could not come to Nepal after the air service with Europe and other countries was closed.


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