Tourists Arrival Surge by 12.75 Percent in April

May 3, 2024 | Investopaper

In April 2024, Nepal experienced a 12.75 percent increase in the number of foreign tourists, compared to April 2023, as reported by the Tourism Board. The figures reveal a growth from 98,773 visitors in April 2023 to 111,376 tourists in April 2024.

In April 2022, Nepal welcomed 61,589 tourists, followed by 22,732 in 2021, a minimal number in 2020 due to travel restrictions, and 109,399 in 2019.

Indian tourists constituted the largest group, with 30,158 visitors, followed by 9,947 from the United States and 9,750 from China. Additionally, there were 5,391 tourists from the United Kingdom, 4,110 from Australia, 4,303 from Bangladesh, 3,755 from France, 3,270 from Germany, 2,977 from Russia, and 2,310 from Malaysia who visited Nepal during this period.

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